Admin Controls


  • can be pinned on top or right

  • can switch modes

  • can open control panel

All DNN users are familiar with the Iconbar Mode found on all pages, which has the purpose of providing a single interface where authorized users can access pages and module management tools, shortcuts to the common administration tasks, and quick links to the Admin and Host consoles.

The options from the DNN Iconbar Mode drop down list are also available in Sharp Look. Besides View, Edit, and Layout Sharp Look comes with a fourth option, Design, which is very useful in terms of customizing the design of the pages. Sharp Look also features two other useful buttons: the cogwheel, which opens the Control Panel page, and the pin button, which changes the position of the Admin Controls to the right.

All in all, Sharp Look comes in handy, as you can create panes and layouts directly from the interface without going on disk to build the skin files and mess with the data.

The Admin Controls can be displayed horizontally on top of the page, like in the image above, or they can be moved on the right side of the page by using the pin button:

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