Module Management

Adding modules on a page

Modules can be added on a page with Sharp Look either in Edit mode or in Layout mode. Layout mode is preferred when there are errors generated on the modules and they cannot be accessed directly in Edit mode. To add a module, you just have to click on the Add module button and when the Modules panel is displayed choose which module you want to display.

Edit a module

Once a module is added in a pane, you can access its settings by going to Edit mode and clicking on the gear icon. All the module's settings, including the manage module option, are displayed:

Ordering modules on the page

To change the position of a module on a page, either to another row or to another pane, access the Layout mode and use the Move module button.

Export and Import modules

These two options are available per each module and can be found on the Edit page once the gear icon is clicked. You can use the export and import options in order to use the content of a module on other pages, saving you the trouble of having to recreate the module from scratch.

Removing module

The delete module option is available in both Edit and Layout mode along with the module's Settings option.

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